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Publikationen 2021

Dissertationen und Veröffentlichungen des Jahres 2021


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Kraftwerks- und Industriefeuerungen

    Feuerungs- und Dampferzeugersimulation

      Rauchgasreinigung und Luftreinhaltung

        1. A. Samad and U. Vogt, “Mobile air quality measurements using bicycle to obtain spatial distribution and high temporal resolution in and around the city center of Stuttgart,” Atmospheric Environment, vol. 244, no. 117915, 2021, doi:
        2. A. Samad, F. E. Melchor Mimiaga, B. Laquai, and U. Vogt, “Investigating a Low-Cost Dryer Designed for Low-Cost PM Sensors Measuring Ambient Air Quality,” sensors, vol. 21, no. 804, 2021, doi:
        3. A. Samad, A. Maali, B. Laquai, and U. Vogt, “Particulate Matter Profiles along the Rack Railway Route Using Low-Cost Sensor,” Atmosphere, vol. 12, no. 126, 2021, doi:

          Dezentrale Energieumwandlung

          1. S. Hafner, M. Schmid, and G. Scheffknecht, “Parametric Study on the Adjustability of the Syngas Composition by Sorption-Enhanced Gasification in a Dual-Fluidized Bed Pilot Plant,” Energies, vol. 14, no. 399, 2021, doi:
          2. M. Hornberger, J. Moreno, M. Schmid, and G. Scheffknecht, “Experimental investigation of the calcination reactor in a tail-end calcium looping configuration for CO2 capture from cement plants,” Fuel, vol. 284, 2021, doi:
          3. L. Santamaria, M. Beirow, F. Mangold, G. Lopez, M. Olazar, M. Schmid, Z. Li, and G. Scheffknecht, “Influence of temperature on products from fluidized bed pyrolysis of wood and solid recovered fuel,” Fuel, vol. 283, 2021, doi:

          Stromerzeugung und Automatisierungstechnik

          1. K.-K. Cao, T. Pregger, J. Haas, and H. Lens, “To Prevent or Promote Grid Expansion? Analyzing the Future Role of Power Transmission in the European Energy System,” . Front. Energy Res. 8:541495, 2021, doi:
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