Institute of Combustion and Power Plant Technology

Publications 2021

Theses and papers published in 2021


Firing Systems

    Fuels and Flue Gas Cleaning

      Combustion and Steam Boiler Simulation

        Air Quality Control

        1. A. Samad and U. Vogt, “Mobile air quality measurements using bicycle to obtain spatial distribution and high temporal resolution in and around the city center of Stuttgart,” Atmospheric Environment, vol. 244, no. 117915, Art. no. 117915, 2021, doi:

        Decentralized Energy Conversion

        1. M. Hornberger, J. Moreno, M. Schmid, and G. Scheffknecht, “Experimental investigation of the calcination reactor in a tail-end calcium looping configuration for CO2 capture from cement plants,” Fuel, vol. 284, 2021, doi:
        2. L. Santamaria et al., “Influence of temperature on products from fluidized bed pyrolysis of wood and solid recovered fuel,” Fuel, vol. 283, 2021, doi:

        Power Generation and Automatic Control

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