Power Generation and Automatic Control

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Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hendrik Lens

      Phone:   +49 711 685-66213
  Fax: +49 711 685-63491

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M.Sc. Niclas Krämer +49 711 685-68914
M.Sc. Benjamin Müller +49 711 685-66208
M.Sc. Alia Salah +49 711 685-68916
M.Sc. B.Eng.   Michael Salzinger +49 711 685-66207
Dipl.-Ing. Benjamin   Schober +49 711 685-66210
M.Sc. Christian Schöll +49 711 685-66209    
M.Sc. Michael van der Straeten   +49 711 685-65584  
Senior member:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ernst Welfonder +49 711 685-66214

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Power Plant Automation

Due to steadily increasing economical and environmental requirements for flexible power plant operation the control and optimization of power plant units draws a big interest from research and industry. In this context, we apply and implement modern control concepts to power plant operation. This includes:

  • Dynamic, application based modeling of power plant processes in different granularities for development and validation of control concepts
  • Application of modern control concepts to superior and subordinate control loops in power plants
  • Concept development for evaluation and monitoring of power plant control performance
Power System Control and Operation

The liberalization of the energy markets as well as the increasing integration of renewable energy create new challenges for the European power system at all voltage levels. 30 years of experience in modelling, simulation and analysis of the dynamic behaviour of interconnected power systems and the simulation environment POSIM enable us to investigate issues of power system control and operation. Current research topics are:

  • Integration of large-scale centralized and decentralized generation from renewable energy sources into the European power system
  • Network frequency oscillations
  • Power system state estimation

For large-scale investigations we use a dynamic model of the continental European power system including more than      

  • 600 power plants,
  • 3.000 loads,
  • 6.600 transmission lines and
  • 1.000 transformers
Interaction of power plants and network in deregulated energy markets

Since the storage of electrical energy is limited and the load cannot be accurately predicted the power generation must be continuously adjusted to the consumption. In the course of the market liberalization the demand coverage by the generation as well as the control mechanisms on the side of the transmission system operation have undergone significant changes. In our research we investigate the interdependencies of power plant and transmission system operation under consideration of the energy market. Current research topics are:

  • Simulation of primary and secondary control power activation and estimation of the respective costs
  • Influence of marked based generation schedules on the stability of the continental European power system
  • Technical and economical optimization of secondary control power activation within the Grid Control Cooperation framework

In cooperation with the assosiation AKN e. V. we regularly organize workshops in our research fields.

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