Test fields for domestic firing systems

Fixed bed combustion

Description of small scale firing systems

Biomass combustion
Biomass combustion

Residential firing systems

  • Gaseous fuels
  • Destillate oil
  • Log wood
  • Briquettes
  • Pellets

Domestic and industrial boilers from a few kW up to 1 MW

  • Natural wood chips
  • Residues of wood manufacturing industry
  • Other residual biomass
Measurement of flue gas emissions
Measurement of flue gas emissions

Test stand for central heating boilers up to 500 kW and hand-fired units

  • Measurement of flue gas emissions together with combustion parameters for further optimisation
  • Optimisation of combustion chamber design
  • Implementation of Low-NOx and low particulate technique
  • Advanced process controlling
  • Valuation of firing systems and fuels

Scientific work

  • Combustion basics of solid fuels
  • Particulate matter investigations
  • Fuel characterisation and specification (CEN norm)
  • Emission behaviour of firing systems (Start-Stop-Emissions)
  • Determination of Emission Factors
  • Expert opinions and consulting


  • Umweltbundesamt, Berlin
  • German Federal Ministries of Environment
  • Participation and leading of standardisation working groups:
    • Commission of Air Pollution Prevention in VDI and DIN: Measurement guidelines
    • CEN: European standards for measuring techniques and fuel parameters
  • Industry: Manufacturer and operators of firings


This image shows Dieter  Straub

Dieter Straub


Department Flue Gas Cleaning and Air Quality Control (RuL)

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