Pilot scale test facility

Description of BIO-COOL test facility

Test facility description

The research activities at IFK comprise of the study and development of innovative processes for combustion and the utilization of thermal energy. Special focus is given to the flexible application of novel fuels, particularly those derived from renewable resources.
In this context, IFK’s BIO-COOL test rig allows the production of cooling energy through the combustion of low calorific liquid fuels. The combination of a flameless (FLOX-)burner (developed by e-flox GmbH) and an absorption cooling machine (developed by Makatec GmbH) enables this concept of cooling by a combustion process.

Scheme of the BIO-COOL test rig
Scheme of the BIO-COOL test rig


Capacity: 150 kW
Fuels:       Natural gas for heat-up and gaseous or liquid fuels in flameless operation mode

In the framework of past and ongoing research projects, a FLOX burner system for combustion of liquid fuels (mainly biogenic and low calorific fuels) has been adapted for operation at low CO and NO emissions. During operation, fuel flow, combustion air flow, furnace temperature and flue gas composition (excess O2, CO and NO) are continuously monitored and recorded.

The heat generated by combustion of fuel is extracted from the furnace by means of a thermal oil cycle and transferred to the absorption cooling machine.

Capacity: 60 kW
Cooling agent:       Ammonia solution

The configuration of the absorption cooling unit offers the possibility of testing different types of cooling agents to study their performance at variable operating conditions. The main operating parameters at relevant locations within the cooling cycle such as flows, temperatures and pressures are continuously monitored and recorded.

The facility is operated from a control computer which allows the controlled modification of operational parameters as well as the real-time analysis of the systems performance.

3D model of the BIO-COOL test rig
3D model of the BIO-COOL test rig


This image shows Jörg Maier

Jörg Maier


Head of Department Firing Systems (KWF)

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