200 kWth pilot scale plant MAGNUS

Pilot scale test facility

Description of MAGNUS test facility

The MAGNUS facility is a pilot scale plant for demonstration in industrially relevant process conditions, consisting of three fluidized bed reactors. Its special design allows for switching between different configurations of interconnection of the gas and solid flows, hence giving the possibility to investigate a number of single and dual fluidized bed processes on a single facility (e.g. combustion, gasification, solid looping CO2 capture).


All reactors are refractory lined. Reactors 1 and 2 are equipped with bayonet coolers and bed coolers.

Reactors of the MAGNUS test facility
Reactors of the MAGNUS test facility

Reactor 1

Fluidized bed: Bubbling up to circulating
Operating mode: Combustion and gasification
Temperature: 600-900 °C
Height: 6 m 
Thermal input: 100-230 kWth

Reactor 2

Fluidized bed: Circulating                 
Temperature: 600-700 °C
Height:  10 m
Gas preheating: 600 °C

Reactor 3

Fluidized bed: Circulating                        
Operating mode: Combustion
Temperature: 850-950 °C
Height: 10 m
Thermal input: 100-330 kWth



Depending on their task all reactors are equipped with:

Dosing units (reactor 1 + 3):

  • Solid fuels (e.g. wood, coal)
  • Auxiliary materials (e.g. limestone, sand)

Gas supply:

  • Feeding of different gas types (air, steam, N2, O2, CO2)
  • Oxidant staging
  • Gas preheating

Gas treatment:

  • Cyclone
  • Bag filter
  • Quench
  • Gas cooler
  • Flare
Control system of the MAGNUS test facility
Control system of the MAGNUS test facility

Data acquisition and control:

The facility is equipped with a PLC-based process control system. It is controlled by means of three workstations with various screens for process operation. Furthermore, the process control system logs more than 1000 measured values, most importantly:

  • Pressures and temperatures within the reactors and all gas and solids lines
  • Gas flows
  • Solid flows
  • Gas concentrations


Currently there are three processes under investigation:

  • Calcium Looping (CCS)
  • SER Gasification (Gasification)
  • Oxyfuel-combustion (CCS)
MAGNUS test facility
MAGNUS test facility


This image shows Jörg Maier

Jörg Maier


Head of Department Firing Systems (KWF)

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