Institute of Combustion and Power Plant Technology


For research, several experimental test rigs at different scales, ranging from laboratory scale to semi-industrial scale, are available. Furthermore, we develop and use several numerical simulation tools.

Main research areas of IFK are

  • the combustion and gasification of solid fuels,
  • the development of technologies for centralized and decentralized energy conversion,
  • issues of ambient air quality, distribution of air pollutants in the atmosphere and immission reduction,
  • simulation of firing systems and of power plant unit commitment and
  • simulation and automatic control of the dynamic behavior of thermal power plants and of the interconnected power system

Furthermore, several pilot scale and semi-industrial experimental facilities are operated by IFK, with research activities devoted to

  • advanced power plant concepts for the energetic use of fossil fuels, waste, residues and biomasses,
  • and on processes for flue gas treatment and CO2 sequestration.
Work in the laboratory
Work in the laboratory

Additionally, IFK has an own fuel and ash laboratory and several lab-scale research facilities.

More Information about research projects performed at the various facilities can be found on the respective pages of the departments.


This image showsGünter Scheffknecht
Univ.-Prof. Dr. techn.

Günter Scheffknecht

Dean of the Faculty and Director of the Institute
Professor of Thermal Power Plant Technology

This image showsUwe Schnell
Apl. Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Uwe Schnell

Head of Department Combustion and Steam Boiler Simulation (FDS)
Vice Director


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