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Institute of Combustion and Power Plant Technology

Theses and papers published in 2024


Thiansiri Kertthong, "Enhancing the quality of syngas from biomass gasifcation via methane conversion". Thesis University of Stuttgart, 2024.
Abstract (available soon)

Firing Systems

    Combustion and Steam Boiler Simulation

      Flue Gas Cleaning and Air Quality Control

      1. A. Samad, N. A. Caballero Arciénega, T. Alabdallah, and U. Vogt, “Application of the Urban Climate Model PALM-4U to Investigate the Effects of the Diesel Traffic Ban on Air Quality in Stuttgart,” Atmosphere 2024, 15, 111., 2024, doi:
      2. A. Samad, J. Kieser, I. Chourdakis, and U. Vogt, “Developing a Cloud-Based Air Quality Monitoring Platform Using Low-Cost Sensors,” Sensors 2024, 24, 945, 2024, doi: 10.3390/s24030945.

      Decentralized Energy Conversion

        Power Generation and Automatic Control

        1. G. Recht, K.-K. Cao, O. Alaya, B. Jahn, and H. Lens, “Considering Reactive Power in Generation Expansion Planning for Energy System Design,” in 18. Symposium Energieinnovation, in 18. Symposium Energieinnovation. Feb. 2024. [Online]. Available:
        2. S. Rogalla et al., “Grid-forming converters in interconnected power systems: Requirements, testing aspects, and system impact,” IET Renewable Power Generation, 2024, doi:
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