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Theses and papers published in 2018


A. Gredinger, "Weiterentwicklung und Erprobung eines Online-Verfahrens zur Bestimmung von Teerkonzentrationen in Vergasungsprozessen". Dissertation Universität Stuttgart, 2018.
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F. Barth, "Entwicklung eines Brenners mit Luft- und Brennstoffstufung zur emissionsarmen Biomasseverbrennung in Kleinfeuerungsanlagen". Dissertation Universität Stuttgart, 2018.
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D. Schweitzer, "Experimentelle und simulative Untersuchung der Wasserdampfvergasung von Klärschlamm und weiteren biogenen Brennstoffen". Dissertation Universität Stuttgart, 2018.
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M. Weidmann, "About the Flameless Combustion of Pulverized Coal at the Pilot Scale: Experiment and Simulation". Dissertation Universität Stuttgart, 2018.
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Firing Systems

  1. L. A. Al-Makhadmeh, M. A. Batiha, J. Maier, S. E. Rawadieh, I. S. Altarawneh, and G. Scheffknecht, “Effect of air and oxyfuel staged combustion on oil shale fly ash formation with direct in-furnace limestone addition for sulphur retention,” Fuel, vol. 220, pp. 192–199, 2018, doi:
  2. A. Fuller et al., “Fly Ash Formation and Characteristics from (co-)Combustion of an Herbaceous Biomass and a Greek Lignite (Low-Rank Coal) in a Pulverized Fuel Pilot-Scale Test Facility,” Energies, vol. 11, no. 6, Art. no. 6, 2018, doi:
  3. A. Fuller et al., “Use of wood dust fly ash from an industrial pulverized fuel facility for rendering,” Construction and Building Materials, vol. 189, pp. 825–848, Nov. 2018, doi:
  4. E. Miller, A. Fuller, J. Maier, G. Scheffknecht, and T. Glorius, “Co-Combustion of Solid Recovered Fuel as sustainable Tool in an advanced Waste Management system,” March 11-14, 2018, Annapolis, MD • U.S.A., 2018.
  5. M. Paneru, A. Mack, M. Hornberger, J. Maier, and G. Cinti, “Impact of oxyfuel technology on calcination process,” 21 - 26 October 2018, Melbourne, Australia, 2018.
  6. P. Plaza, J. Maier, I. Maj, W. Gadek, and S. Kalisz, “Potassium and chlorine distributions in high temperature halloysite formed deposits,” 2018, vol. 13th International Conference on Boiler Technology, 23-26 October 2018, Szczyrk-Orle Gniazdo, Poland. doi:
  7. R. Youssefi, J. Maier, S. Merli, and G. Scheffknecht, “Evaluation of the Ignition and Combustion Behavior of Solid Fuels with the Support of a Plasma Torch,” in Conference Proceedings: Kraftwerkstechnik 2018, Power Plant Technology, 23.-24.10.2018, Dresden, 2018, pp. 345–356.

Fuels and Flue Gas Cleaning

  1. I. Masoomi, S. Mazdeyasna, B. Klein, and G. Scheffknecht, “Effect of precipitating agents Na2S and TMT 15 on Hg re-emission at different operating parameters in wet limestone flue gas desulphurisation,” VGB PowerTech, vol. 3, 2018.
  2. D. Safai, M. O. Schmid, and G. Scheffknecht, “Biogas upgrading with polymer resins in a technical scale plant – Scale-Up and first operating points.,” Regatec 2018, “5th International Conference on Renewable Energy Gas Technology”, 3.-4. Mai 2018, Toulouse, Frankreich, 2018.

Air Quality Control

  1. G. Baumbach, H. Lorentz, W. Müller, B. Jadamba, and U. Vogt, “Further development of air quality planning and air quality monitoring in Ulaanbaatar the capital of Mongolia,” Proceedings: 11th Int. Conf. on Air Quality - Science & Application, 12 - 16 March 2018, Barcelona (Spain), p. 43, 2018.
  2. A. Samad, U. Vogt, and B. Laquai, “Outdoor air quality measurements using low cost particulate matter sensors,” Scientific Research Abstracts; Vol. 8; III  International Conference on Atmospheric Dust - Dust 2018, p. 137, 2018.
  3. A. Samad, U. Vogt, H.-Y. Yeung, and A. Panta, “Three Dimensional Observations (3DO) of air quality in Stuttgart under the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) project,” Proceedings: 11th Int. Conf. on Air Quality - Science & Application, 12 - 16 March 2018, Barcelona (Spain), p. 59, 2018.
  4. A. Samad, U. Vogt, and D. Uprety, “Untersuchung der Vertikalstruktur von meteorologischen Parametern und deren Auswirkungen auf die vertikale Ausbreitung von Luftverunreinigungen - Ergebnisse von Fesselballonmessungen in Stuttgart,” Proceedings: METTOOLS X, 25.-27.09.2018, Braunschweig, p. 90, 2018.
  5. U. Vogt, A. Samad, and B. Laquai, “Einsatz von Low-Cost-Sensoren für die Messung von Partikeln - Ergebnisse von Vergleichsmessungen von Low-Cost-Sensoren mit professionellen Aerosolspektrometern.,” Proceedings - METTOOLS X, 25.-27.09.2018, Braunschweig, p. 18, 2018.
  6. U. Vogt, A. Samad, and B. Laquai, “Investigation of Low-Cost-Dryer Installed on the Low-Cost-Sensors used for measuring the Particulate Matter in the ambient air,” KIT Scientific working papers, vol. 115, p. 19, 2018.
  7. U. Vogt, A. Samad, B. Laquai, A. Surgaylo, and A. Saur, “Test results of low cost sensors for particulate matter and gases for the use in outdoor air quality,” Proceedings: 11th Int. Conf. on Air Quality - Science & Application, 12 - 16 March 2018, Barcelona (Spain), p. 190, 2018.

Decentralized Energy Conversion

  1. S. Hafner, R. Spörl, and G. Scheffknecht, “Sorption Enhanced Gasification: Process validation and investigations on the syngas composition in a 200 kWth dual fluidized bed facility,” in Conference Proceedings: 23rd International Conference on FBC, Seoul, South Korea, 2018, pp. 826–832.
  2. J. Moreno, R. Spörl, and G. Scheffknecht, “CO2 Capture with a Highly Flexible Calcium Looping System using a BFB/TFB Carbonator,” Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies, vol. 14, pp. 1–11, 2018.
  3. J. Moreno, R. Spörl, and G. Scheffknecht, “Increased load flexibility of the Calcium Looping CO2 capture process with a bubbling/turbulent fluidized bed carbonator,” Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Fluidized Bed Conversion (FBC), vol. 23, pp. 861–869, 2018.
  4. Y. Neubauer, A. Gredinger, J. Borgmeyer, M. Kleinhappl, and S. M. A. Biollaz, “Comparison of two on-line tar-monitoring devices with off-line liquid sample tar-analysis operated on a test gas generation system applying ethene pyrolysis,” Biomass and Bioenergy, vol. 117, pp. 63–70, 2018, doi:
  5. M. Schmid, T. Seitz, G. Waizmann, R. Spörl, and G. Scheffknecht, “Fluidized bed steam-oxygen gasification of dried sewage sludge: reduction of tar and H2S with limestone as bed additive,” Lake Louise, Kanada, 2018.
  6. M. Schmid, M. Beirow, D. Schweitzer, G. Waizmann, R. Spörl, and G. Scheffknecht, “Product gas composition for steam-oxygen fluidized bed gasification of dried sewage sludge, straw pellets and wood pellets and the influence of limestone as bed material,” Biomass and Bioenergy, vol. 117, pp. 71–77, 2018, doi:
  7. D. Schweitzer et al., “Process simulation and techno-economic assessment of SER steam gasification for hydrogen production,” International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, vol. 43, no. 2, Art. no. 2, 2018, doi:
  8. D. Schweitzer et al., “Steam gasification of wood pellets, sewage sludge and manure: Gasification performance and concentration of impurities,” Biomass and Bioenergy, vol. 111, pp. 308–319, Apr. 2018, doi:
  9. G. Waizmann, R. Spörl, and G. Scheffknecht, “Energetisch optimierte Erzeugung von Erdgassubstitut durch methanisierungsgestützte Biomassevergasung – Aufbau eines Hochdruckversuchsreaktors,” DECHEMA Jahrestreffen der ProcessNet-Fachgruppe Energieverfahrenstechnik 2018 (Tagungsband), 2018.

Power Generation and Automatic Control

  1. B. Müller, M. Salzinger, H. Lens, R. Enzenhöfer, and F. Gutekunst, “Coordinated congestion management across voltage levels using load flow sensitivities,” 27.-29. Juni 2018, Lodz, Polen; ISBN: 978-1-5386-1488-4, 2018.
  2. C. Schöll, J. Lehner, and H. Lens, “Impact of current-controlled voltage source converters on power system stability,” in IFAC Symposium on Control of Power and Energy Systems - 10th CPES, September 4-6, Tokyo, Japan, 2018, vol. 51, no. 28, pp. 570–575. doi:
  3. C. Schöll and H. Lens, “Untersuchung des Einspeiseverhaltens stromgeregelter Umrichter mit PLL bei Spannungswinkelsprüngen,” in Tagungsband: Zukünftige Stromnetze für erneuerbare Energien 2018, Berlin, 2018, pp. 103–117.
  4. T. Weißbach, S. Remppis, and H. Lens, “Impact of current market developments in Europe on deterministic grid frequency deviations and frequency restauration reserve demand,” 27.-29. Juni 2018, Lodz, Polen; ISBN: 978-1-5386-1488-4, 2018.
  5. E. Welfonder, H. Lens, and C. Schöll, “Bedeutung des Netzselbstregeleffekts,” ew, vol. 7-8 | 2018, pp. 46–55, 2018.
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