Overview Research

The focus of research at the IFK is on the combustion and gasification of solid fuels employing a great variety of methods and processes. Investigations concern technologies of both central and decentralized energy conversion. Furthermore, issues on air quality control and dispersion and transport of pollutants in the atmosphere are a field of study of the institute. The numerical simulation of electrical networks and of the dynamic behaviour of power station units rounds off the field of work.

          ♦   Organigram
          ♦   Combustion and Steam Boiler Simulation
          ♦   Firing Systems
          ♦   Fuels and Flue Gas Cleaning
          ♦   Decentalized Energy Conversion
          ♦   Air Quality Control
          ♦   Power Generation and Automatic Control
          ♦   Experimental Facilities
          ♦   Publications


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