Combustion and Steam Boiler Simulation


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Doctorate students

M. Sc.       Is Bunyamin Suryo         +49 711 685-67884       

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  • Mathematical modelling of flames and furnaces (models for turbulence, radiation and reactions of gas, coal and biomass)
  • Simulation of pilot scale combustors and utility boilers with the combustion code AIOLOS (Finite volume code for reactive flows) with polar and cartesian coordinates (boundary fitted), domain decomposition and grid refinement techniques, optimized for parallel and vector processors
  • Validation of new modelling approaches with experimental data
  • Thermodynamic calculations of gas and steam turbine, and combined cycle processes
  • Simulation of the steady state and dynamic behaviour of steam generators
  • Detailed coupled simulation of combustion and steam generation processes in utility boilers

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           Development of the simulation code AIOLOS

           Optimising Power Plants by Virtual Testing


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